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Must Rant a Bit

Posted on 2013.02.12 at 15:01
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I am the creator/admin for a few online groups, both on Yahoo and Facebook. I am sure this rant will strike a chord with a few others who run egroups.

On my local pagan egroups there are rules posted for all members to follow. If you break a rule, you are removed from the egroup. You are allowed to re-join as long as you follow the rules. The only way someone will be blocked is if they continue to ignore the rules. So far, the only members who have ever been officially blocked are spammer accounts (no info on their profile and spam with "designer purses for sale" and the like). No actual local community member has ever been blocked on any of my pagan egroups. A few have been removed for being idiots by spamming every conversation with a link to their business, blocking the admins, or forwarding a post to another egroup, which are all listed as no-nos in the posted rules with removal from the egroup as the consequence. Again, they are welcome to re-join IF they can follow the posted rules.

These rules have actually been copied for use in other pagan egroups, with the admins asking for my permission, which I freely gave. They are common sense rules that are easy to follow - if you bother to take the time to read them.

A few months ago, a local community member was an idiot and blocked me on my own egroup, which means she cannot see any of my posts and I couldn't see any of hers. You should not be allowed to block admins and Facebook needs to rectify this. (Feel free to block anyone you wish from seeing your personal profile, but if you post on an egroup the admins should be able to see your posts to be able to perform their jobs of keeping the peace and enforcing the rules.) Other members were messaging me to let me know she was spamming every post with a link to her store. Myself and another admin posted a warning that blocking any of the admins will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed. The blocker actually "liked" the other admin's warning (!?!) but did not remove the block. So, she was removed.

Cue the drama queen/victim/cyberbully explosion!

First of all, she opened up another egroup WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME AS MINE stating, "A network that does not block or discriminate groups". Remember, she was never blocked from our egroup nor do we discriminate against certain groups or people. I don't care about any past upsets or conflicts and will not base my admin decisions on them. It's simple, really - follow the rules and everything will be fine. But due to her victim mentality, after she was removed from the egroup for not following the posted rules, she cried discrimination. Here is another direct quote from an egroup she recently started up on Facebook. "A network that does not block or discriminate against anyone. We do not believe in blocking people because of differences or dislike as other immature sites, we only block those who have purposely abused others by blocking them from sites for no other reason but dislike or differences of opinion and have been proven to write Inflammatory posts that hurt with intent to tarnish a reputations of another like those who have blogged and cyber bullied someone this way."

I rest my case.

Life Updates

Posted on 2012.11.27 at 16:10
Wow, it's been awhile since I posted. A lot has happened since early 2012, so I will put it all behind a cut. I feel like writing today, so here goes.

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St. Patrick's Day

Posted on 2012.03.09 at 15:50
An excellent read! The myths and truths behind St. Patrick and the modern pagan's take on the holiday. I also happen to agree fully with the author's views.


More WTF Pet Ads from Calgary

Posted on 2011.12.13 at 14:29
Presented without comment:
* Have a cat here that's named Princess that I need to get rid of. She is purebred but I'm not sure on what breed she is I just know she's a purebred and I need to get rid of her cause I'm having troubles controlling her. I mean she's always running out of the house, she gets into everything lol. She's just too Hyper-active I guess you can say. She's a year now and I'm mostly getting rid of her also because there's a new baby coming and there's kittens here that she plays rough with and I don't want that. I believe she had all her shots and she is NOT fixed. If you want to know anything more about her, please reply. Needs a new home A.S.A.P. Thanks.

i'm looking for someone to trade dogs with me i have a chihuahua he is brown and his name is timbits he is about 4lbs and he loves to sit in his kettle he eats at night he is easy going great dog. if intersend plz you can call xxx-xxx-xxxx
i'm looking for another chihuahua short haired about 4 to 5 lb or a yorkie

* hello i do not have time or the money to keep this most amazing beautiful dog the previous owners did not have her vaccinated in that case now she has parvo which i am treating her for. she has pills three times a day until finished. after she is treated and over comes this she will be happy and healthy and have a better immunity towards this disease better then the immunization.
 she needs to go to a new home i love this dog i just do not think its fair she will be kept in our home like this its to small our yard is not big enough and she needs daily walks which i have not yet provided for her .. if you have been looking for your dream border collie x shepard dog here she is very gentle listen to commands a great companion . great around kids other dogs and all animals . thank you

Winter is a boy. He is well listened. winter does not bark. He is good around kids.He is very friendly.Winter needs love. he sheds20 %. he loves to be played with,cuddle. and is a awesome listener. He is well behaved.Winter does know how to do his buisness out side he holds it in as long as he can.he wont keep you up all night.Winter is white with brown patches.He needs clean water and healthy food.winter is allergic to raw hide.ear hair need to be cleaned out.when you notice he has lots of ear wax must go to clinic.winter  loves a daily treat or fruit and vegetables or cheese cut in to small piese because of his diffecult way to chew it.he is hairy now .winter loves long car ride.he is a bichion mix poodle

We have a Tabby cat his name is Tigger,he has 6 toes,he has been with us for 9 years,for the last 3 years he has been mostly outside,he is licensed ,he has been inside for the last month and a half ,we  have both developed allegies to the cat so we are looking for a home for Tigger,he has a litter box house and food.
he is not neutered .
if you are interested get in touch with us.

* Cat I think shes pregnant must go ASAP muti coloured

Hysterectomy - 1 Week Post-Op

Posted on 2011.12.07 at 12:50
It's been a week since my total hysterectomy. I thought I would write about my pain/symptoms/difficulties so that other women could read about it. Everyone's experience will be different, of course, but I had some weird things going on that I looked up and discovered they weren't so weird! Again, don't read any further if bodily functions gross you out.

I was horribly constipated for 5 days after the surgery. I was taking stool softeners as prescribed by the hospital and also taking benefibre. On day 5 I sat on the toilet for an hour! You're not supposed to strain as you can tear your internal stitches, but how can you not?!? I actually had tears of frustration and pain as I tried to void. A few more similar sessions over the next two days and then I finally started going normally. This is not a fun thing to deal with! Walking is supposed to help as well as eating high fibre.

The pain from my incisions was minimal. Wearing pants with a waistband would rub against them so I was in my nightgown most of the time. They are now starting to itch like crazy so I know they are healing. The stitches should start dissolving soon.

The worst pain I experienced was in my right shoulder and rib cage! My shoulder started to hurt right after surgery and my ribcage the next day. My surgeon (and everyone else's surgeon says the same thing, it seems) said that the pain is from the CO2 pumped into your abdomen during the procedure. Some say it is from the nerve being irritated, others that the gas travels and lodges in certain areas. My ribcage hurt so badly I could not take a deep breath for four days! It felt exactly like a stitch you get in your side after running too long, but mine was constant. Changing positions from lying down to sitting up and vice versa was excruciating. When I did lie down I could feel the gas moving around under my rib cage which was very, very painful. I looked it up online and most people experience this after laparoscopic surgeries and doctors just say there is nothing you can do for it. I tried doing light stretching, applying heat, breathing through it (not very successfully) but nothing helped. Today (day 8) is the first day that I do not have any sharp pain under my ribs - it's just a bit uncomfortable today. 

I also have pain while peeing - right near the end I start getting a sharp, cramping pain that lasts until I'm done. It's weird feeling and I don't know quite why I get it. I still have pain voiding my bowels as well, and I just have to be careful with not straining too much.

They told me I would bleed for a few weeks after, but I have had no bleeding at all. My neck and shoulder are still sore so I am applying heat and stretching a few times a day which seems to help a bit.

Trying to not lift anything over 10 lbs has been interesting and frustrating. I can't lift anything for 4 to 6 weeks to allow full internal healing. This means no vacuuming, pulling wet laundry out of the washer, filling the humidifier, etc. I can dust, do dishes, and other light cleaning but that's it. No walking the dogs, either, as pulling on a leashed 100 lb dog is a no-no.  Bending over is uncomfortable so I can't pick up dog poop or scoop the litter boxes either. Hubby is helping out a lot.

I'm hoping that by this weekend I can get out of the house for a bit to do some grocery shopping. I'll try to put some pants on and see how the incisions feel. I will have to be very careful out there because if I slip and fall I can do major damage to my internal stitches. I can have up to 300 stitches in me!

All in all I am feeling pretty good. I have to constantly remind myself to not over do anything, especially lifting. They say that you can return to normal activities (except for lifting) after 2 weeks, so hopefully I can start going for walks outside and doing errands next week.


Posted on 2011.12.01 at 08:28
It's day two after my total hysterectomy. I am leaving this entry open to anyone to read, mainly for other women to read about my experience. If you are grossed out by surgery details, please don't read any further. I tried to put the following under a cut, but LJ is not cooperating :o(

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Updates for Summer 2011

Posted on 2011.08.27 at 03:25
What a summer so far. And not all good.Read more...Collapse )

Posted on 2011.03.20 at 16:01
The new doberboy has been with us in our home for a week now. He's getting along very well with the girls, and is learning to leave the cats alone (he's only been curious about them with no aggression). He's had no training whatsoever, so we're working on the basics of sit, lay down, wait, etc. However, he has no trust of what humans might do.

We got the call about him from Alberta Doberman Rescue (ADR) three weeks ago. The humane society (HS) received him from a man who said he was aggressive and didn't want to deal with it anymore. The dog had fresh wounds all over him. The HS noticed he wouldn't even walk on a leash and was petrified of everything. After being checked by the vet there, he concluded the dog had Wobbler's as he wouldn't lift his head and showed a pain response when it was lifted, was crouched down all the time, and wouldn't walk. Remember he was covered in wounds, especially on his head, neck and shoulders. Of course he was in pain! The deemed him unadoptable and he was scheduled to be killed.

The woman in charge of breed rescue outreach at the HS called ADR after receiving the news of the death sentence. She thought he was too sweet to be killed and practically begged ADR to come get him. The rep from ADR picked him up and took him home to foster. She looked after his wounds and he began to come out of his shell a bit. After watching his behaviour, she concluded he was used as a bait dog for dog fighting. A bait dog is used for fighting dogs to practice on, and is usually a submissive dog so as to not hurt the fighting dogs. He was very submissive to her other dogs, and didn't show one ounce of aggression to anyone or anything. She kept him for a few weeks then called us to see if we wanted to meet him. She brought him over last Sunday and he fit right in. So, he stayed.

Over the last week, we've noticed some behaviour that points to abuse from humans as well. If you move your hand or get up from sitting quickly, he bolts away from you. If you hold out a toy, he backs up six feet and eyes you suspiciously. If you scold him or raise your voice at all, he goes into a corner and shakes. He will come up to us when we're sitting or crouching and loves getting attention, but won't come if we're standing up. He's frantic over his food and actually marks his dish (this is not normal dog behaviour as they usually don't pee near their food.) He's gone without food in the past.

His vet check and neuter have been scheduled for April. We'll see what kind of harm has been done physically, and we'll continue to work on building mutual trust.

More WTF Dog Classifieds from Calgary Area

Posted on 2011.02.14 at 01:36
Note - these are full ads. I did not leave anything out except personal info such as phone numbers. Yes, some don't even say what kind of dog!


- almost 5 months old bassett hound pup this is not the droopy eyed kind

- F1B Huskadors Now Available in Calgary $500.00
Accepting deposits on this rare litter born 22/01/2011. Sire Sampson is a Blue-Eyed F1 Huskador and Dam Sage is a pure bred Blue-Eyed Siberian Husky.
Huskadors combine the beauty and quirkiness of the Siberian Husky, with the fun loving family orientated Labrador, with their water friendliness, wonderful and loving personalities. F1B Huskadors are created when you breed a Huskador back to a purebred Siberian Husky. These puppies will more closely resemble the Siberian Husky in appearance and body type however will still have the warm loyal nature of the labrador making them easier to train.

- chi shicon puppies

- Chibidles. Be the first on your block to own a Chibidle.Mother is a purebred Chihuahua.Father is a registered Bichon Poodle.

- dog for sale (screening) $300.00
hello im selling my puppie names bella she's 11 months old were selling her cause my gf is having a baby and shes house broken on puppie pads so she doesnt want to deal with training a puppie and taking care of our child at the same time we are also giving her belongings with her for a firm 300 pictures on demand by text please contact me by phone @ (xxx)xxx or by mail at mailto:xxx

- Femail boxer

- Dog for sale. $1000.00. This dog is a rutweiler and his name is tyson . we can not walk him so we would like another great family to acceot him and keep him happy.

- saling a dog hes all white and it comes with a cage and has all his needles $300.00

- 4 designer puppies in one. $350.00 very cute puppies ready to go to a loving home in a few weeks will have first shots when they are ready to go


- Wanted: we need a puppy! hello yesterday my sisters dog ran away and sadly was killed by a car she is extremely heart broken and i am looking for a free to very cheap puppy for her to help her get over the poor dog if you are interested in helping me i would be truly great full, thanks for looking

- american eagle puppies. Three beautiful female puppies for sale, born November 13, 2010. asking 300.00. Looking for a good family environment for these puppies

- Wanted: i LOVE dogs. hello, i am look to love up a puppy for ever so if u have any small breed of puppy i would love to have one, i havea loving home for them to i have 2 kids that love all animals and i also have 3 cats that also love the extra company....<3<3

- WANTED Looking for a Boglen pup. We are looking for a Boglen puppy/younger dog, if you have one or know where we can get one could you please let us know, we have one but would like a companion for him, same breed

- looking for dog.looking for a dog

- Wanted: help we need a puppy. hi i am looking for a cheap or free puppy , my husband and i saved and bought our children a puppy or christmas ...however somebody took our puppy from our home last tuesday so now i am looking for another , cant affored much as the last pup we made payments on for awhile but my children are heart broken and we are hoping another pup will help ...thanks

Change, Change and More Change

Posted on 2010.12.10 at 02:03
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We put Flynn down today. Over the last two weeks he had been getting worse, and the last two days had been really bad. He could barely walk at all, and if he did it was for only a few steps before collapsing. He had no control of his limbs anymore.

I'm remembering him galloping with Ember on the beach in BC last summer. He had such fun that trip, and we really didn't know how much longer he had left.

It's very quiet around here and there's way too much room on the couch.

Job: The company I work for has shut down their Calgary clinic. So, I'm out of a job. We only found out two months ago, and luckily my therapists found new positions. I spent Monday and Tuesday this week packing everything up to ship back to Toronto. They are giving me severance pay, and I also landed a new job which I start on Monday, so we're fine financially, at least. It was a great position and I loved the people I worked with, but change comes. Hopefully the new clinic will have a great team and I'll fit right in.

Clann: We shut down the clann in August. It was a great experience and we were attracting new members on a regular basis, but certain factors led to the decision to collapse it. We did learn that we CAN run a successful group and have members stay around. I enjoyed teaching and researching and was good at it. We had no drama, no in-fighting, and no hierarchy. We hosted a celebration and ritual for the local wiccan church and had amazing feedback (we had agreed to host one so the community at large could see our way of practicing Celtic Paganism. It's very different from Wicca, but all the attendees enjoyed themselves and learned new things). We had members and leaders of other groups attend our rites and actually enjoy themselves. It all worked very well. What changed was us.

Personally, I am at the point of not needing or wanting all the "stuff" to practice my faith. I am more internal now. We haven't cast a spell in years and have no inkling to. Quick prayers suffice. Our "rituals" now are simply going out to wild spaces and listening, watching, and learning. My style of CR was also too intellectual it seems, as most people were wanting more hands-on magic teachings where I was wanting to research and teach the more scholarly subjects. It just wasn't meshing anymore. Hubby was feeling the same way and so the decision was made for us to step away. None of the other members wanted to take on running the group, so it was collapsed. I am actually thinking of selling most of my craft stuff this summer at the gathering.

I'll try and write a bit more later.

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